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Palawan "Haven of the Philippine Wildlife"
The Philippines is an archipelagic nation composed of 7,107 islands in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by the Philippines Sea on the East, the South China Sea on the West and the Celebes Sea on the South.
Out of 7,107 Islands in the Philippines, Palawan has over 1,700 of them and is the second largest province in the country. Palawan is located between Mindoro Island and North Borneo. Its multitude of islands and islets has a wide collection of tropical flora and fauna such as the various Palawan Orchid species and Palawan Cherry Blossom and not to mention the Palawan Bear cats and mouse deer. The presence of over 323 species of wildlife in Palawan gained the Province the title "Haven of the Philippine Wildlife".
Palawan probably has more protected areas than any other province in the Philippines. Aside from the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary in the northern Calamianes islands on the northern coastline, the El Nido Marine Reserve is noted for its edible birds' nests and limestone cliffs. In the middle of the Sulu Sea lie the Tubbataha reefs, a pair of coral atolls recently named as a World Heritage Site for its highly diverse collection of fishes and other marine life.
Along the west coast, the St. Paul Subterranean National Park features old-growth forests, cathedral caves, white sand beaches, and one of the longest underground rivers in the world. In the South, Ursula Island is a haven for migratory and resident birds.
Calamianes Islands "Tomorrow's Destination"
The Calamianes is located on the northernmost portion of the Palawan Province and includes more than 300 habitable islands with over 600 islands total. The main islands are Busuanga, Coron, Culion, Calauit, and Linapacan.
The islands have a largely transient population coming from the Visayas with parts still inhabited by the Kalamian and Tagbanua tribes.
The Calamianes is rich with coral reefs, mangrove forests reserve, sandy beaches, protected bays and inlets, and majestic karsts and cliff formations which provides diverse array of marine and coastal habitats, making it one of the most bio diverse group of islands in the Philippines.
Coral reefs, sea grass and mangroves border every island providing nesting grounds for sea turtles, inhabited by dugongs as well as two species of endangered marine crocodiles, making it a high potential area for marine tourism.
C'mon Coron
Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the 7107 islands of the Philippines. Soothing sites, luscious greeneries and picturesque views, those words describe the islands and life of Coron.
Upon arriving, blue waters welcomes you, with air so clean you can embrace it. First stop is the enchanting magic of Twin Lagoons. The lake within a lake. No one can hold back the urge of swimming in the water with swarms of fishes playing aside.
Second stop is the Kayangan Lake. To witness its wonder, one takes 260 steps up, and its a slight effort, but it's worth it.
On your way back, pass by one of the top the marine sanctuary in the country, Siete Pecados. Dive in and enjoy this protected underwater world. You can feel the natural goodness of the islet as locals preserve its health and serenity.
Coron is the next great island destination with its vast islands. Since all 300 islands are inhabitable, just take pleasure in the wondrous enchantment of the 7107 islands of the Philippines.
Ever been to a wildlife sanctuary to see a Giraffe, Zebra or Deer right in front of you?
In between Manila City and Puerto Princesa, you can feel a piece of African experience where animals roam free on its green hills and plains. Rumors and legends explain how these exotic creatures came to live in a place thousands of miles away from their home in Africa to an island called Calauit.
The Island is very proud of having extraordinary scenic wonders. It became the country's major showcase for wildlife conservation and unique nature park. It is a must-see for nature and wildlife lovers and enthusiasts. Animals from Kenya such as Giraffes, Elands, Zebras, Impalas, Waterbucks, Bushbucks and Gazelles dwells in the land with prevalent Philippine animals like the Palawan Bearcat, Mousedeer, Calamian Deer, Crocodile, Wild Pig and Peacock Pheasant. Marine Animals are also found on the island like the Dugong, Sea turtles and Giant clams.
It's an exotic sight to see and caters to educational tours and recreational activities. You can feed the animals with the help and supervision of the caretaker. (Safety first!) You will surely enjoy the scenery and become aware of their importance and simply appreciate the beauty of the area.
The Island is a perfect sanctuary because of its relative seclusion. The forests, grasslands and mangrove swamps are also the habitat of some of the country's rarest and most endangered species which the island posssess.
You will love it in Calauit! The local island safari.. OUR Safari.
Baquid Island
The Marina Island located in Coron Bay facing Coron Town, Busuanga Island, and Coron Island. This island with a natural harbor is protected all year round from strong winds and tropical storms. It will house 55 sea villas on stilts with their own private jetty, mountain villas, a Clubhouse, a Marina hotel and condominiums, a sports club with tennis court, a golf course, and a swimming pool.
Target Market: Yacht Owners and Yacht Clubs
Size: 182 hectares
Investment Type: Open for Joint Venture
Dimanglet Island
The SPA and Wellness Island is located 15 minutes away from Coron Town, Busuanga Island overlooking Coron Island. This island is home to a mangrove forests which makes this ideal for snorkeling where guests can interact with a variety of sea creatures that are nursing near the mangroves and coral reef. It will house five star boutique resorts and 88 private sea cabanas.
Size: 32 hectares
Investment Type: Open for Joint Venture
Calumbuyan Island
The Asiana Island is located near Culion Island. This island is known for its powder soft golden white sand and rolling dunes. It will house all Asian villages that will showcase the architecture, culture, cuisines, and handicrafts of each country. There will be a Thai Village, Balinese Village, Malaysian Village, Vietnamese Village, and the Philippine Village.
Size: 89 hectares
Investment Type:
Open for Joint Venture
Portions may be Leased
Malaroyroy Peninsula
Is located in the Northern tip of Bulalacao Island facing Ditaytayan and Dicalabuan Island. It is linked through sand bridges to two islets. It will house a five star hotel with 300 rooms.
Size: 15 hectares
Investment Type: Open for Joint Venture; Portions may be Leased
Tambon Island
The International Island or the Second Home of The World is located near Culion Island. It will showcase different western cultures and traditions.
Size: 661 hectares
Investment Type: Open for Joint Venture
Portions may be Leased
Guinlep Island
The Corporate Island is designed for corporate planning in a resort setting. It will have 3 bedroom CEO Villas, 5 bedroom corporate Villas for the board, 25 ten bedrooms corporate hotel complete with planning facilities, conference room, convention center, a beach clubhouse, and a marina.
Target Market: Corporations
Size: 86 hectares
Investment Type: Open for Joint Venture
Sold as fractional ownership to different corporations
Ditaytayan Island
The Fiesta Island is located in the center of the ECT islands. It is characterized with two forested islets linked with a long stretch of white sand dotted with tropical trees. It will house 20 boutique resorts with 50 to 70 rooms, 3 five star resorts (one in the Northern tip, one in the middle, and the other in the Southern tip), it will have 3 spa resorts, and 4 resorts developed as sea cabanas. It will have a Celebrity Village (10 hectares) and a Resort Village(15 hectares).
Size: 114 hectares
Investment Type: Open for Joint Venture; Portions may be Leased; Portions for Sale
Buluang and Cheey Beach
The Second Home of the World is located on the north end of Busuanga Island. It faces Calauit Island where there is a Wildlife Gaming Preserve and has a view of Black Island's dark silhouette. It will have five star and three star hotels, two golf courses, a resort village, commercial area, sports club, residential condominiums, and vacation houses, and a hospital. It is only 30 minutes away from the proposed International Airport.
Size: 500 hectares, and more than 2 kilometers of white sand beach.
Target Market: Retirees
Investment Type: Open for Joint Venture; Portions for Sale; Portions for long term leasing.
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